"Non siamo pacifisti. Siamo avversari della guerra imperialista per la spartizione del bottino fra i capitalisti, ma abbiamo sempre affermato che sarebbe assurdo che il proletariato rivoluzionario ripudiasse le guerre rivoluzionarie che possono essere necessarie nell'interesse del socialismo."
(Vladimir Ilič Ul'janov, Lenin, 1917)

7 maggio 2010

Αλληλεγγύη με τους συναδέλφους εργαζόμενους και το λαό της Ελλάδα!

New demonstrations of PAME against the SLAUGHTER of people's gains, on May 6

On Thursday 6th May, one day after the massive strike demonstrations, PAME organised new dynamic demonstrations across the country.
The measures that slaughter the workers’ and people’s gains were passed by PASOK and LAOS. Without raising any substantial objection, ND voted against the measures, only in order to appear as an opposition party, while it called PASOK and LAOS to a united action against KKE.
The only solution is the escalation of the class struggle of workers, self-employed poor farmers, women and young people for the rupture and the overthrow of monopolies’ policy and power, declared thousands of people who participated in the demonstrations of PAME.
Once again, the International and Greek media broadcasted the provocative actions and the prearranged riots in a provocative way, trying to bury the mass participation in the demonstrations of PAME and the content of the slogans.
“For us the only guarantee for democracy is the people, organised and with a programme of struggle having a specific direction and endurance in the struggle for the change of the class in power.
It is the majority of the people that can change the laws. Nevertheless the establishment of laws requires the change of the laws in society; laws do not change from the top. And do not threaten us. I should tell you that we are used to struggle under such conditions.
I would also like to clarify the following: we are more experienced than ever and we continue drawing lessons from our contribution, our shortcomings and our mistakes. There is one thing that you will never manage to do: to drive us to the wall; to hinder our action. Do not even think about it. It will be a boomerang. Be sure about it. Because after 92 years we know very well whom we are fighting against,” stressed Aleka Papariga, General Secretary of the CC of KKE in her intervention during the parliament’s session on the measures.

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